How I Approach Treatment​

My primary mode of healing is through the deepest energy layers the body holds for us.  This tends to be seen as  more of an 'emotional' type of healing approach although I am using diagnostic (not mystical) approaches to my treatments.

My approach can often be useful to people who have not had success with 'traditional' allopathic interventions or who may not resonate with more westernized ideas of healing.

There is no problem I won't take on.  If I feel you will be best served by a provider that has a particular specialty, I will not hesitate to refer. 

I build my practice on people being well and able to gain control of their own health with confidence. 

What I treat

General Health/Wellness/Prevention

Spine/Neck/Back Pain

Difficult or Stubborn Problems


Menstrual Issues

Joint Pain


Stress Related Illness


Artisan Essential Oil Acupoint Therapy



Tui Na

Fire Cupping

Gua Sha

Breath work